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It can be quite the annoyance when trying to figure out when you should change your pool filter in central Florida, but here at Clarify Pool Service we have you covered. For optimal pool performance Clarify Pool Service recommends you change your filter every 11-14 months or every spring time when algae can begin to form in your pool from the Florida heat. This will decrease your need for pool maintenance and save you money in the long run.

There are 3 main concerns when it comes to changing your pool filter. They are broken bands, dirty or filth ridden filters and cracks in the filter plastic. Of course this is assuming you have standard non DE filter.

Broken bands

Nearly every cartridge filter has bands around them which are usually white or blue in color. When these bands begin to degrade or break it is time for a new pool filter as the integrity of the filter is at stake and thus your pool cleaning cycle will not be running at full efficiency potentially leading you to higher pool maintenance cost.

Dirty or Filth Ridden Filters

Central Florida climate can really do a number on our filters between our constant afternoon showers to the overwhelming spring pollen that gives everything a nice yellow sheen, including your pool! This results in increased grime and muck entering your pool so your pump and filter work harder in Central Florida more so than other places in the U.S. This can lead to dirty and slimy pool filters. If your filter still looks and feels dirty after cleaning it, it’s because it is still is dirty! This means your pool filter is obstructed and your pool pump is working overtime to clean your pool. Which can lead to expensive repair cost in the future.

Cracks or holes in the plastic on top of your filter.

If you see this on your pool filter it means the water in your pool is passing through that crack and not the filter as it is easier for the water to flow through the crack than overcome the resistance of your actual filter. This results in a significant volume of the water in your pool not being filtered.

So there you have it, three signs your pool filter is in dire need of a change. Of course here at Clarify Pool Service of Central Florida we would love to help you with any of your pool maintenance needs so feel free to email or call!