What is a salt chlorine generator?

In most basic terms a chlorine generator uses electrolysis in the presence of dissolved salt to produce hypochlorus acid. Hypochlorus acid is the sanitizing agent created by chlorine. The difference between a salt chlorine generator and more traditional methods is the SCG produces free chlorine as your pool pump is running while a pool with out a generator has both free available chlorine and combined available chlorine.

What are the benefits of a salt chlorine generator?

First and for most SCG’s are fairly simple to maintain and do not require you to add chlorine to your pool by hand or in the form of tabs. The chlorine is added as the the pool pump is running. As a result salt water pools perform much better then traditional chlorinated pools. The water is almost always smoother and much less harsh to your skin and eyes you should also have less bleached-out swimsuits and hair.

What are some drawback to a SCG?

Too much chlorine, it is possible to produce too much chlorine with a salt chlorine generator. As the chlorine that is produced is not nearly as harsh you can have dangerous levels of chlorine in your pool and not realize it. Too much chlorine in your pool can lead to damage to the pool shell and your pool equipment. This can lead to expensive repairs down the road. Always remember to test your pool chemistry at least twice a month even if your pool water is clear and looks great.

A very large drawback to a salt chlorine generator is the replacement cost. The average shelf life for a SCG is four to eight years depending on how well the unit and your pool is maintained. Once the cell fails it will need to be replaced with a cost of $800 to $1200 dollars. Although you will save money on chlorine from year to year it can be hard to justify using a SCG simply for the cost alone.

Should I install a salt chlorine generator?

Generally speaking, yes. The dramatically increased water quality and lower maintenance will pay off in the long run. It will make you want to use your pool more and enjoy using your pool more!

Clarify Pool Service can help

If you are located in Central Florida and would like a salt chlorine generator installed, or need your current on serviced. We can assist you. We provide pool service in Lake Mary, Sanford, Deltona, Debary, Winter Park, Winter Springs, and Longwood.