When it comes to pressure washing your pool deck, Clarify Pool Service has you covered! We pressure wash all types of pool decks, from concrete and wood all the way to composite. Although if you feel the need to wash your deck on your own, there are three things to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning your pool deck. What cleaner you would like to use, the actual pump psi and the pressure washing tip you should use.

As far as cleaning agent to use on your pool deck, there are innumerable choices. But remember there are three basic classes of cleaner to choose from. You have detergents, bleaches, and chemical based cleaners. All three vary in the way they work and are applied. Make sure to consult the direction of the cleaner you purchase and better yet consult a professional cleaning service. Take care when using cleaners around your pool as the chemicals can run off into your water drastically altering your pools chemistry, again this goes back to choosing the proper cleaner for the job at hand. Also you must take into consideration are there children and or pets that will be on or around the deck area in the near future. Sometimes just hot water and high pressure would be a better overall choice then using a cleaning agent at all!

If you choose to clean your pool deck on your own, whether using your own pressure washer or plan on renting one. Things to keep in mind, you want a washer that provides at least 2000 PSI or pounds per square inch. But preferable a washer that provides 2400 too 2500 PSI. If you have or rent a washer that is too weak, you will spend considerably more time washing your pool deck and your results will be inconsistent. Also, be aware that with a powerful pressure washing the risk to damaging your deck and potentially harming yourself is high. The stream of water that comes out of a powerful washer can strip finish off your deck and impact the wood or concrete negatively. So be very careful. Also be vary careful your skin and or body parts or anyone else’s for that matter does not come in contact with the stream. As this can cause injury. It is recommended you do not use a pressure washer with children or pets present. While cleaning a pool deck it best to clear the area of everyone and everything to avoid injury and damage. At the end of the day it is generally a better option to hire a professional like Clarify Pool Service to do the work for you.

One more thing to consider while cleaning your pool deck with a pressure washer is the nozzle tip you should use. The tip degree starts at a 0 degree all the way to 40. Many pressure washer tips are color coded. Red being the most concentrated or the smallest angle, then yellow, green, and white. The red tip or 0 degree spray tip is not recommended for anything other then very hard surfaces such as straight concrete. Even concrete can be negatively impacted by this tip if used improperly. The yellow spraying tip or 15 degree tip is great for concrete as well and not quite as powerful but can still cause damage if you are not careful. The green tip or 25 degree spraying tip is more general purpose and is good for use on wood surfaces. Again be careful, if you hold the spraying tip too close too your surface you can cause damage to said surface. Wood is especially prone. Finally there is the white tip or 50 degree angle tip. This tip has the least impact in terms of PSI deliverd and is great for rinsing or washing out your gutters.

As you can there is far more to pressure washing your pool deck, or any part of your house for that matter then just renting a some equipment and spraying away. Here at Clarify Pool Service we pride ourselves in our work, and are experts when it comes to properly washing your pool deck or any other part of your home that needs pressure washing. We serve Heathrow, Lake Mary, Winter Springs, Longwood, Sanford, Deltona, Debary, and everywhere else in between in Central Florida. Please feel free to gives us a call and we would love to serve you!