White spots on your pool plaster commonly known as spot etching. The problem is typically assigned to poor pool chemistry, such as too high PH or too much chlorine. In reality, the process in which your plaster is applied to your pool is where it all begins. Improper pool plastering techniques lead to porous plaster and micro cracks that lead to spot etching.

The main culprits of porous and or cracked plaster on your pool walls are too much added water and calcium chloride being mixed in with the plaster during application. These two practices can lead to shrinkage and porous plaster finish that will crack as it dries. Creating weak spots in the plaster that will eventually turn white as it is exposed to the chemicals in your pool water.

When localized areas of your pool plaster that have been weekend by poor application become exposed. The carbon within the water begins to penetrate the plaster turning it white. The carbon penetrates the weakened areas of the plaster creating white spots as it is unable to affect the areas of the plaster that are harder and non-porous.
One other method that white spots appear in your pool walls is the addition of calcium chloride to the plaster mix. This creates a grayish huh on your pool wall that makes any white spots considerably more noticeable.

Preventing white spots from forming on your pool surface starts at application. The plaster must be properly mixed and troweled in order to create a dense surface that your pool water will not penetrate. We at Clarify Pool Services recommend you attain customer information from whoever you choose to have do your pool surfacing. Make sure their pool was surfaced at least a year ago, as spot etching typically takes a year to rear its ugly head. Calling them and verifying that the company you want to work with did a good job will save you a lot of time and headache in the long run.
Making sure you have a reputable company with a proven track record is essential. As once spot etching takes hold, the only way to fix it is to have the pool completely resurfaced.

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