Why should you keep your pool chemicals balanced? When it comes to balancing your pool chemicals Clarify Pool Service has you covered. Here in central Florida the summer sun will do it’s best to destroy your pools chemistry. That is why you need trained professionals to help maintain and balance your pools chemical levels. An unbalanced pool can lead to expensive repairs and an unsightly pool.

What are the effects of too low pH in your pool? If your pool pH is too low the water within your pool can corrode the surfaces within it, as well as metal equipment and fixtures. Leading to costly repairs down the road. Low pH can also lead to itchy eyes and skin for swimmers. Your chlorine will dissolve more quickly due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Resulting in you needed to purchase more chlorine then usual in order to keep algae and bacteria at bay. Finally low pH in your pool can lead to etching and pitting of plaster surfaces, again resulting in costly repairs or pool resurfacing down the road. The best way to increase pH is to add soda ash also known as Sodium Carbonate to your pool. Care must be taken though as too much can raise your pH too high resulting in a cloudy pool! At Clarify Pool Service we have the expertise and know how to avoid these situations. So feel free contact Clarify Pool Service today and your pool woes can be avoided!

What are the effects of too high pH? Having too high pH in your pool can lead to staining and scale formation on your pool walls and floor which end up expensive repair cost for you. Additionally too high pH can lead to burning eyes, itchy skin, and general discomfort. Also too high pH can lead too unsightly cloudy water. That many people mistakenly may simple adding more chlorine to fix the issue, but in reality you need to add Cyanuric acid or another stabilizer agent in order to lower your pools pH. You must be careful though, as too much Cyanuric acid or similar agents can lead to reduced chlorine efficiency and also contribute to scale, stains. This is why at Clarify Pool Service we recommend you hire a professional such as us, in order to keep your pool chemicals balanced.

Clarify Pool Service serves Sanford, Lake Mary, Winter Springs, Longwood, Oviedo, Debary, and parts of Deltona. Please feel free to contact us for any of your pool needs!