Detecting Leaks

Pools naturally lose water over time due to evaporation, splash-out, and back-washing. It is not always clear as to why your pool level is dropping. Here at
Clarify Pool Service we want to help! You may be noticing your pool level is dropping a bit quicker then normal, there are several factors and questions to consider when attempting to find the culprit. For instance, does your pool only leak when the pump or other equipment is running? Does the pool level seem to drop when you turn off all
of your equipment? Does there seem to be a constant slow drain of your pool, more then just evaporation? Are there wet areas around the pool? Does the water drop to a specific level and then stabilize there?

Pool leaking while pump is running?

This typically can be the easiest pool leak to diagnose and find. Usually when the pump is running the increased pressure can force water out of bad O-rings or other damage to your pipes, filter housing, and plumbing. This causes water loss that can be significant. It is always a good idea to observe your pool equipment while it is running in order to catch potential problems sooner rather then later.

Does the pool leak with the pump off?

This tends to indicate a suction side leak, the suction or negative pressure can draw water out of your pool and onto the ground. Typically even something as small as a pump basket not being attached properly can cause this issue. Check for air bubbles in your pump basket is off, this can indicate some sort of leak in your pool's equipment.

Is the pool constantly leaking?

Although this does not exclude leaks to your pool's plumbing it does point more toward a leak in your pools shell. Cracks or fissure's in the pool plaster or finish. Even a small crack can lead to costly water loss. The skimmer basket in your pool and pool lights are common problem areas when it comes to leaks. You can place dye or pH indicator regent near potential problem areas. Doing so will show very clearly if you have a pool leak, as you can observe the dye being sucked into the crack. One way to narrow down your leak location is to lower the pool level below the skimmer and potentially even any pool lights. Doing this will definitively tell you whether or not your pool is leaking from those sources. If you notice wet areas around your pool despite no swimming activity it is a safe bet you have a leak in your pools foundation or shell. It's time to call Clarify Pool Service at that point!

How to check evaporation rate

Take a bucket and fill it with your pool water. Mark both the bucket and your pool's water level. Wait 24 hours and then check the levels against each other. If the level of water in the pool is noticeably or significantly lower then the water in the bucket then it's time to call a professional.

Clarify Pool Service

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