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It is that time of year yet again my fellow central Floridians! Yup, it is time to get your pool serviced and ready for summer time! Whether you decided to do it yourself, or hire a pool service professional such as Clarify Pool Service, here are six tips for getting your pool ready for summer, some are quite obvious, apologies! Remove the pool cover, add water to your pool if necessary, run your pool equipment, test your pool chemistry, and perform an all around safety check.

Getting your pool ready

Remove your pool cover, really? I know but, consider these few tips before you pull that cover off. Your pool cover has been deployed and exposed to the elements for months. If you have a leaf blower, use it! Blow away any debris and leaves sitting on top of the cover, a much easier task than skimming all that build up from the water, also you do not want to roll that debris up with your pool cover as it will rot and cause all kinds of problems in the summer. Two, there is more than likely water sitting on top of pool cover, remove this any way you can. A wet vac, lots of towels, even using a garden hose and sucking the water out and letting gravity do the rest. The reason you want to do this, is this water has been sitting separate untreated from your pool for quite some time collecting all kinds of dirt, solids, and potential algae growth. The last thing you want to do is dump a load of dirty water right into your pool. Not a good start for summer, especially here in Central Florida.

Water depth in your pool

Your pool requires a specific depth for your pump and other equipment to run efficiently. Checking the pool water level is good practice. The water level should be the middle of the skimmer opening for optimal circulation. While you're checking the water level also inspect your skimmer basket for any damage to determine if it needs replaced. If the water level is too low for your pool add water with your hose, or could contact a service that will fill your pool for you if one is available in your area.

Pool equipment check

Engage and run your pool equipment. This includes your pool pump, heater, chlorinator, and filters. First look around your pool pump and pump filter area for any wet spots on the ground or seepage around joints and o rings. If you see any, it’s a good idea to contact a pool service professional such as Clarify Pool Service and have them come inspect your equipment immediately. A small problem could become a nightmare if left unchecked. Check the water jets in your pool for good pressure and water flow. If the flow feels weak, it could be a sign your pool equipment has an unforeseen issue, and it would be best to call a pool service professional.

Testing your pool chemistry

Test your pool chemistry. Check this page for an in depth look at at the different chemicals in most pools and their properties. Once your pool pump has run for sufficient amount of time, about 10 hours, it is time to check your pool chemicals. If you have the equipment and the know how test the pH level of your pool and add chlorine and acid accordingly. It is best to call a pool service such as Clarify Pool Service to do this for you, and make sure it is done properly in order to avoid long term damage to your pool.

General safety check

Safety first, check that whoever is using your pool will have quick access to a flotation devices. Also be sure to check that skimmer tops are secured properly and won't shift under a person's load. All fencing is in good order and our self locking gate is working properly. In the state of Florida it is the law for a pool to be enclosed and have a self locking gate.

Our service area

Clarify Pool Service wishes you a happy summer and hopes they can be the pool professionals to meet your needs. We service most of Central Florida, this includes Debary, Lake Mary, Deltona, Longwood, Oviedo, Winter Park, and Winter Springs.